Knowing Christ 

Mark Jones, minister of Faith Vancouver Presbyterian (PCA) is a great knower and lover of the Puritans. We can say that they were and are for him a guide to understand the Bible better and to love Christ more.  The Banner of Truth published in 2015 a book written by him with the title Knowing Christ. We can say its is mix of a Bible study and a treatise in the field of systematic theology focused on the person and the work Christ.

Jones deals with a great number of aspects of the person and work of Christ. As you can understand, he writs abou: the incarnation, the divinity and humanity of Christ, his names and his offices, his death, resurrection and intercession. But he also treats aspects usually not, or only marginally, treated in monograph in the field of systematic theology. I name Christ’s sayings, miracles, emotions.

The combination of a systematic theological approach and a Bible study in which passage after passage of the New Testa-ment is opened marks the strength of Knowing Christ. When you want a tool to know Christ better and love him more, reading this work carefully and praying for the assistance of the Holy Spirit it will greatly profit you.

Mark Jones, Knowing Christ (Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth, 2015), paperback 256 pp., £8,25 (ISBN 9781848716308)


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