Literary Introductions to the Books of the Bible

In  a scholarly research of the Bible during the last decennia a great deal of  attention has been given to the literary form of the Bible. Seeing the literary forms and structures of the Bible can help us not only to appreciate the Bible as a book of beauty but also to understand the Bible better.

In Literary Introductions to the Books of the Bible the renowned literary Leland Ryken introduces readers to the specific themes, patterns, and techniques used by biblical authors. Alongside introductions with focus on the historical backgrounds of the Biblical books or highlight its theological message, this handbook can be a great help to interpret each book of the Bible through the lens of its literary forms and features. Element that were used intentionally by their authors to structure their message.

Ryken rightly states that there is no content without the form in which it is expressed. If the message is embodied  in a form,, we first need to master the form. I can recommend this useful tool for the study of the Bible

Leland Ryken, Literary Introductions to the Books of the Bible (Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2015),  paperback 567 pp. $35,– (ISBN 9781433542176)


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