The Mysteries of Christianity

When in 1843 the Free Church of Scotland was formed (the Disruption), T. J. Crawford belonged to the evangelical minority who stayed in the Church Scotland. He served as professor in divinity in the University of Edinburgh from 1860 tot 1875. The Banner of Truth republished in 2016 one of his mayor work, namely The Mysteries of Christianity.

This book is a mighty exposition and defense of the trinitarian and supernatural character of the Christian faith. At the heart of classic Christianity lie the mysteries of the incarnation, the atonement, the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit and the marvels of divine providence.

I admit that Crawford’s style of writing is not the style which we are accustomed in the 21century. However, when you make the effort to read this book, you will be richly awarded and blessed by its substantial content.

T.J. Crawford, The Mysteries of Christianity. Revealed Truths Expounded and Defended (Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth, 2016), hardcover 352 pp., £15,50 (ISBN 978-1-8487-1715-2)

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